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Carl Fulmore

Major (Retired) Carlton (Carl) Fulmore

MAJ (R) Carl Fulmore, 56, long time resident Fredericksburg VA, passed away peacefully on July 19, 2022. Carl was a valued team mate of SFA Chapter 90. He served as Chapter Treasurer and was instrumental in updating the Chapter’s banking processes and reporting procedures.

Carl enlisted in the Army in 1989 after graduating college and initially served with the 505/82nd ABN Div. After graduating the ‘Q’ course as an 18C, Carl served with 10th SFG. Carl attended OCS, after which he served with E Co, 51st LRSC in Germany. He eventually returned to the SFQC as an Officer and then was assigned back to 10th SFG as a team leader.  He later served in Acquisition and Comptroller positions with JSOC and HQDA. 

Carl served on numerous overseas assignments, deployments, and combat operations in Germany, the Balkans, the Sinai, Kuwait, and OIF I in Iraq.  He was Infantry, Ranger, Special Forces, and JumpMaster qualified along with a CIB. 

Following retirement Carl continued to serve as a vital member of the company Med-Eng, providing ever increasing protection to the EOD community. At his memorial service, Carl was recognized for his valued contributions to the EOD community by numerous allied country EOD representatives.

Carl was a dedicated member of the Nativity of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church in Fredericksburg, VA.

He is survived by his wife Kara and four children: Nathan, Kaitlyn, Chandler, and Maria.